Establishing an Asset Integrity Management System for Sonangol

How to ensure optimal asset integrity of an oil & gas block consisting of 3 process platforms, 11 drilling platforms, 1 FPSO and 3 flare platforms?

In 2015, Sonangol P&P requested MainTech to conduct a survey of the inspection department and maintenance department. The survey identified that both management systems had several areas of improvement.

Having an effective inspection- and maintenance department is dependent on knowing your assets: Knowing where leaks are most likely to occur, how they might fail to perform the required function, and what risk level each individual system is associated with. All of these aspects are included and accounted for in an asset integrity management system (AIMS).

From the project startup in June 2018, MainTech has been working on defining and improving how Sonangol P&P can improve their asset integrity.

The delivering of the AIM system is set to be finished by Q1 in 2021.
accounted for in an asset integrity management system (AIMS).