Maintenance management, industrialising and Lean

The industrialising of the aquaculture industry has gone by at an astonishing speed. Within few years the industry has developed from being a primary industry, to being an industry where you have automated plants for the processing and distribution of fish products.

It has been proven challenging to develop necessary competence within industrial production in phase with the speed of the industry development.The widely spread geographic placements of factories suggests that the industry has to build up competence among employees and its local community on its own.

Through a variety of projects carried out for some of the largest businesses within aquaculture, we have acquired an in-depth industry experience. MainTech assists this industry in developing effective working processes and constructing necessary competence in every level of the organisation.


“MainTech has been engaged by Marine Harvest Norway in connection with factory expansion and improvements within our maintenance function. MainTech has delivered project-results of high quality, and has been involved in significantly increasing the competence in our organisation”
Kjell Stokbakken
Plant Manager, Marine Harvest Norway